Haberdasher …

… which according to the Oxford Dictionery is a ‘dealer in dressmaking and sewing goods’ … there are fewer and fewer of them around …

There was a time ….. when every shopping centre had one, or two, and every neighbourhood shops down-the-road had one, or two …

There was a time …. when most women could sew ….

There was a time …. when a haberdasher stocked everything including bias binding !!  When I asked for some I was told “sorry, we don’t have it – we don’t stock it anymore” !!

I spent most of the morning driving around looking for a decent haberdasher after having gone to the places where they used to be.  I haven’t sewn for a couple of years, I am ashamed to say, and now need certain items for this dress I am making for Elaine (which she may not wear now as it’s not what she envisaged 😦 and which we may have to be replaced with a bought one .. which also means more traipsing from shop to shop 😦  😦  but as long she is happy and comfortable in whatever it is she will choose in the end !!! 

I don’t mind, really, at least I still remember how to sew !!


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3 Responses to Haberdasher …

  1. Deb says:

    it is hard to find sewing notions around here to….can’t wait to see how it turns out…

  2. Apart from to huge materials and haber shops, we have one special haberdashery in Brooklyn Pretoria – Ruby’s. A real treasure trove.

  3. Firefly says:

    We have three big material shops that stock most of what people need around PE. Don’t know about the nitty gritty stuff though…

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