A 4th birthday party with a difference !

Connor’s 4th birthday party yesterday cannot be topped by the ‘Jones’s’ !!   Jeanette has the full story on her blog with the most amazing photos.  In essence, we had the cake, which I had great fun decorating … not making (!) … a fire engine pinata …. children having a ball on a water slide with oodles of bubbles … fun splashing, jumping and playing in the pool … a quick thinking Lance who rescued a child from the water … paramedics on hand (Carl and Nicole – my son and DIL)… an ambulance with flashing lights and paramedics in uniforms …. the children, especially Connor, were enthralled by it all !! 

My oven decided to go on the blink on Saturday.  Dashed over to Jeanette’s with all the baking paraphernalia including my mixer as I had already started mixing the second cake before I noticed the first one burning in the oven !!!  Her stove is different so they took longer to bake than normal but turned out fine.

Icing the cake yesterday morning was fun!!!  I don’t take credit for the Fire Station … Bryan built it as he didn’t like the one I had put together and thought he would better mine .. which he did .. but I insisted that it needed a firemen’s pole, a bell and a helipad !! 

Fire alarm goes off  …  fire bell rings …

…. firemen slide down the pole …. engines start … fire engines leave Fire Station No. 4 … under bridge … pass police car waiting/resting under tree ….

… pass Windmill Park to intersection with robots/street lights … turn left  … up the hill …

… no overtaking – sharp bend ahead … roundabout/traffic circle next … over bridge …

… firemen leap out and put out fire !!!!!   

Fire out (candles blown!)  …. scene disperses and packed up …

…. little boy still plays on road !! 

The birthday boy …

Excitement didn’t end there … a pool accident resulted in a real life drama unfolding with ambulance with flashing lights …

… Ethan ‘all packaged’ (as my doctor always says about accident victims!) and ready to go to hospital for x-rays and an overnight stay in hospital (as I said .. full story on Jeanette’s blog) … (Update on Ethan is that there is no serious damage to spine and should be released this morning, thank goodness)

Opening prezzies … a fire truck with ‘bells and whistles’

… and a fireman’s suit …

Connor was in his element !!!!   Now I have to buy him a prezzie for his ‘real’ birthday which is on Wed .. what to get … what to get ?  

“”Happy Birthday, Big Boy !!!! “”

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8 Responses to A 4th birthday party with a difference !

  1. Deb says:

    now that is a cake for a big boy…so glad the little one is okay…I bet that was scarey for all…I can’t believe how big the birthday boy is…

  2. Mom, that cake was the best ever!! Love the tour on your blog 🙂

  3. I am glad Connor liked his fireman suit. Avril, that cake was stunning – my little L loved playing on it. SO guess how their birthday cake is going to look? At Mr Price home they also have policeman suits like the fireman one – how about that? Or Duplo’s ambulance set?

  4. Firefly says:

    Oh freekin WOW!! You guys really went all out. I need to show my wife the pics on here and Jeanette’s blog. Megan has her party on Saturday. Mermaids.

  5. Michelle says:

    Avril, you did an amazing job on the cake – love the kit-kat bridge ! Sounds like quite the party …

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  8. cmolinski1 says:

    Awesome cake! Are you willing to share how to get bells and whistles to go off, and also what you used for the track? My about to be three grandson saw this cake and will look at no other, but wants this one.

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