Some snippets from this past week …

.. which was uneventful but filled with family time!  Hubby and I were going to do so much, as he was on leave, but he has been fighting a ‘flu bug which will not go away leaving a visit to the doctor tomorrow a necessity!  I have been struggling with my body trying to get used to anti-depressants which my psychologist suggested WAS a necessity even though I am a “border-line case” – but that’s another story and hence the lack of contributions to my blog 😦   I am told I WILL get used to them and I WILL be back to my normal self … waiting for that day … waiting … waiting ….

In the meantime … my family .. especially the littlies … are such a joy to have close by …. 

… “Smile pleeeeeze …

…  “Bradley … look at me and smile pleeeeeze … “

Connor then got hold of my camera and said    “Granny … smile pleeeeeze”…..  (not the most flattering of photos!!)  

Another day was spent with the children swimming in the pool, as well as having lots of fun on a water slide which Erin got for Christmas …

“Smile …. pleeeeze …” Then it was Erin’s turn with my camera and took a photo of her Daddy … “smile .. pleeeeze” .. …. permanent smile here …. … “smile pleeeeze … ‘Lainey and Mommy” …. “smile pleeeeze .. Grandpa and Granny”  … Now .. that’s a gorgeous smile … …. having a mini photo shoot with Jeanette on New Year’s Day …

… when we finally managed a family photo !!!   Not the easiest of things to get as it’s not often we are altogether … at the same time … with everyone’s busy schedules!    

” Smile ……. pleeeeeze !!!! ”

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends … and may it be the best ever !


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2 Responses to Some snippets from this past week …

  1. Deb says:

    you have such a beautiful family…love the photos the kiddos took…Happy New year..
    hope your back to normal soon…

  2. Jientje says:

    You all have such gorgeous smiles! All the best for you and your loved ones Avril, may 2011 be a year full of happiness and laughter!

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