Weekly Winners : 21 – 27 Nov

Not a good week for photos this time – the days seemed to fly by without me taking out the camera!!  I promise to do better next week 🙂

Soooo … firstly I have a very special little angel …

….. a tiny-3cm-made-out-of-a-safety-pin angel – given to me by my yoga teacher who is moving, in a few days, to live in Cape Town.  I have been doing yoga with her for 13 years … I am going to miss her … really really miss her 😦  She has been an amazing and inspiring teacher.   She has known, from the beginning, of my problems with anxiety/panic attacks, the difficult path to overcome it, the relief when I felt completely 100 % normal again, and just lately with the feelings starting to creep back.   (I have gone back to the psychologist as I don’t want it to get worse – so far so good !!!)  And BTW, I have also learned that I am not alone – it appears to be very common amongst women of my age !! … I have been dishing out my psychologists business cards!   I need commission !!

 Getting back to this special angel … she is for my protection …

Secondly ..  lastly .. this is all I’ve got for this week ..

.. two boys and a dog …

…. getting a little TLC …

 She’s been a little lonely this week, without her best friend, Robbie (who went to doggie heaven last week) so she hopped on the rug with the boys while they were playing Snap …

… and was lovingly petted …

 … and ooooh … a good rubbing under the chin IS best  !!!!! 

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4 Responses to Weekly Winners : 21 – 27 Nov

  1. I’m sure she loved it!

  2. Firefly says:

    Most of your angels all in one post.

  3. Denise says:

    Two boys and a dog… what more do you truly need anyway?


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