Skywatch Friday :

I feel like ringing that bell … we have had good news today … very good news !! Yay !! My hubby had a biopsy on Monday and he has got the ‘all clear’ !!


Just like it was when I took this photo on our recent trip to the Cape …

Bell at Dutch Reformed Church built in 1847, Franschoek, Western Cape

For more spectacular skies around the world visit Skywatch

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5 Responses to Skywatch Friday :

  1. Firefly says:

    A bell, slave bell, church bell, cow bell, dinner bell, whatever bell always make for an interesting subject. But the slave bells have a special attraction.

  2. cat says:

    Oh I am so happy for you!

  3. Deb says:

    Hip hip horray….so glad he got the all clear…great photo Avril…have a nice weekend..

  4. Jenty says:

    Woohoo! So glad that Dad is ok 🙂

  5. Carl says:

    ahhh, im soooo relieved

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