Weekly Winners :

I always seem to be late with Weekly Winners! Being Mother’s Day yesterday .. and Happy Mother’s Day to all mommies/grannies out there … we sat, with friends, at a Mother’s Day picnic/concert on a beautiful autumn day .. chilling!! Something we needed to to … we’ve had so much emotional strain this week we really needed it …. and I didn’t take my camera along 😦 … so NO PHOTOS 😦

… no .. didn’t find this guy at the picnic .. he was in the braai coal bag when hubby put in his hand to get a handful for a braai last Sunday !!! He’s one of those awful/large/furry/spine-chilling-down-your-back-giving-you-goosebumps .. rain spider !

.. they really do give me the creeps …

… from spiders to a delicate pink azalea … much better to look at …

… a pink jelly bean .. like a rose between the thorns …

… red twirls of ribbon on a special boy’s birthday prezzie …

Bradley’s 7 th birthday party was held at a ten pin bowling alley .. I don’t think any of the children had ever played before and all had a ‘ball’ … Jeanette’s photos are far better than mine …

… yessss … skittles going down … perfect bowling stance .. I would think !! (I have never played before either!)

… Bradley and Connor watching .. watching … watching .. as Connor’s ball rolled .. slowly .. slowly … slowly down …

… another roll of the ball .. this time Papa waiting … waiting .. waiting .. for the ball to hit … or miss the skittles …

… maybe pointing helps ..

… grrrr … being a tiger is easier than rolling that heavy ball down that lane …

The Birthday boy !!!

For more Weekly Winners visit Lotus at sarcasticmom.com

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6 Responses to Weekly Winners :

  1. cat says:

    Happy Mothersday to you Avril.

  2. Marcelle says:

    THAT IS THE BIGGEST SPIDER EVER!!!!!!MY WORD…you still took photo, how very brave of you.Ahhhhh Bradley's birthday….and a whole 7Seems u also had a bad week from your comment. I am needed at home…

  3. Janet says:

    EEEK! What an ugly fellow!I think you, Marcelle and I should run away to a deserted island somewhere for a long week-end! Keep your chin up my friend!

  4. Deb says:

    great birthday photos…EEEEEKKKKK I don't like spiders…

  5. Jientje says:

    Geeeez, what a big spider, ugh!!! Congratulations to the birthday boy!!

  6. Firefly says:

    Those rain spiders are freeky, aren't they. I have goose flesh just thinking of them. *looking around for one to photograph*

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