Like mother .. like son …

I just had to … couldn’t resist … post these photos of Jeanette … at the age of three !!!

Same hands .. same fingers …

(below) … oh my goodness … same cake !!! Well .. very very similar !!! The little guy was the neighbours child – we were new to this country and hardly knew a soul !!!!! None of the few new and wonderful friends we made had babies or children – we were on our own in that department !!!!! No internet .. no google .. no support groups … no family … just ‘Living and Loving Magazine’ !!!! We survived !!!
The baby is my son, Carl .. cute hey ? !!
Gorgeous child …

…. gorgeous mommy …

… gorgeous family …

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Wife ... mom ... granny .. in a nutshell ! Never a dull moment !
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3 Responses to Like mother .. like son …

  1. cat says:

    Oh they are! Wow, and Jeanette is just gorgeous with the short hair.

  2. Janet says:

    Divine!! I just love those little fingers! Precious!

  3. Marcelle says:

    What a beautiful post…Avril you are so blessed….to see one's daughter become a mother is such a special moment for us mom's…I love the circle of life!!

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