Weekly Winners : 27 Dec – 2 Jan

A new year …. let’s hope the road ahead …

.. with all it’s twists and turns … (spot the giraffe !)
… is not going to be tough going …

… it could be challenging ..

… but not tough enough to be ‘suited up in armour’ …

.. with helping hands …

A party … or two … with giant cupcakes !

…. and giant cherries on top !!!!

Summer evenings …

… quiet, peaceful …

.. and calm …

Hubby and I took a drive out to Hartbeespoort Dam on New Year’s Eve – these ‘Big Five’ floor tiles caught my eye in a curio/African art shop called ‘Just Africa’ ..

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9 Responses to Weekly Winners : 27 Dec – 2 Jan

  1. I love the composition of "summer evenings".Happy New Year, Avril!

  2. Deb says:

    oh your summer photos make me dream of summer…tired of cold weather already….hope your road for 2010 is smooth and easy…

  3. Tara R. says:

    Such determination on your new bike rider's face. It's all about the tongue.

  4. Jeanette says:

    How's that giraffe?! It's brilliant!

  5. Jientje says:

    There you are in a tank top,… summer evenings, swimming pools and flip flops. You make me jealous! Secret Agent Mama is right, and she has the eye for it, Summer Evenings is a real winner! Happy New Year, in case I haven't said it yet ….

  6. Firefly says:

    Happy New Year. Hope its really a year of giant cup cakes with giant cherries.

  7. Janet says:

    Happy New Year Avril! Summer nights are my favourite too!

  8. Avril Lovely posts!!!! Love the pics in the garden (from the lantenrs down , think it's the last three) – where were these taken, home?Gena @ thinking aloud

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