Catching a butterfly !

First ….

….. creep up … s-l-o-w-l-y .. there’s the butterfly on the pavement near the grass peeping through the bricks …

… then .. cover him with net making sure there’s space for him to fly into it …

…. then …. call for help ….

… your ‘assistant’ will help you close the net so that the little butterfly doesn’t fly away …

… then …. you tell everyone that you have caught a butterfly !!!!!

… then … your ‘assistant’ needs Mommy’s help here too … to get the butterfly into the cup …

Look … I got him …

… and that’s how you catch a butterfly !!!!

About momsmeanderings

Wife ... mom ... granny .. in a nutshell ! Never a dull moment !
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5 Responses to Catching a butterfly !

  1. Wenchy says:

    Connor is so cute

  2. Janet says:

    How cute is that? Now you will have to teach him to put them onto a piece of polystyrene with a pin and then IDENTIFY them when he's bigger! LOL! Such fun!

  3. Jeanette says:

    LOL that was very cute, my photos from the butterfly catching session are not as nice as I first thought

  4. Marcelle says:

    Too cute for words.Love photo story blogs entries…Not much for my eyes to read but photo's to enjoy which u know i love.Thanks for all your uplifting messages.

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