Weekly Winners : 15 – 21 Nov

Jeanette had Connor’s ‘artwork’ of magnets as her first photo …. so I’ll do the same …

… his handprint on the window !!!

A week today … I shall be in Somerset West visiting my Mum … a kind-of-a reunion … a happy and sad one …

… a happy one …. my eldest brother, Richard and his wife Pauline, are coming for a holiday to celebrate their birthdays (P’s 60th! and his birthday a few days later) …

… having moved to England from Zimbabwe about 8 years ago, this will be their first visit back … …… they have never been to the Cape .. ever!! I am going to meet up with them there and we will all invade Ian (my younger brother) and his wife .. so that we can all visit our Mum together …
…. the sad one …. she is in Frail Care now .. … we all need to go …

My Mum loved flowers … she would have loved the smell of those gardenias (above)

.. the tiny miniature white agapanthus bursting open …

… pretty shades of pinks of the daisy bushes …

… reaching up to the cloudy sky wishing the sun would shine ….

… and the smell of lavender. I used to always put a bowl of lavender in her room when Mum came for a visit …

… just to add … some leaves from a ground cover under the garden bench she used to love to sit on …

… which has a stoney ditch close by …

What’s this … with it’s pretty colours …

.. and reflecting dish …

… and blue glass with handpainted patterns? … a Hubbly Bubbly – made in Egypt

Do you see the chocolate eclairs in the background? … just had to make them for C before she goes back to Colombia !!!!!!

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7 Responses to Weekly Winners : 15 – 21 Nov

  1. Kathy says:

    Lovely blog. Looking forward for all of you to arrive in the beautiful Cape for a special reunion. This time next week you will be here!!! Cant wait.

  2. Tara R. says:

    Lovely floral set, adding so well to your story.

  3. Jeanette says:

    Love the gardenias! Granny would have loved your garden.Glad you're getting to see Richard too!

  4. Love all the flower shots! But my favorite is the hand print since I have many, many of those on all my windows :-)! Enjoy your time with you Mom!

  5. Handprint on the window? Without a doubt a favorite. Beautiful florals as well… Enjoy your visit!!!

  6. Deb says:

    great photos Avril….glad your getting to spend time with family…I know it is bittersweet to spend time with your Mom….just remember….she is still their in your heart and in hers….

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