I wish … I could tell my Mum…

… that we went to Wimbledon …

Hubby and I spent a few days in London before coming home from our wonderful holiday in Ireland. We had the morning spare before catching the flight home .. so decided to catch a tube train to Wimbledon …

We grew up with tennis … my Mum had always played … ever since I can remember .. and I started playing when I was very young. I think I must have been about 6 or 7 yo when I started tennis lessons .. was always in the school tennis teams right through to the end of High School.

Watching Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships have always been a highlight on TV every year … for as long as I can remember!!!!!! I remember my Mum and Dad, on their one-and-only trip to London many years ago, saying they got as far as the gates of Wimbledon and couldn’t afford to go inside.

I wish I could tell my Mum that I did !

Hubby and I went inside ….. marvelled at the fantastically laid out and presented museum with memorabilia spanning the many years of tennis in Wimbledon. This record book below is dated 1874 at the top of the page ….

…. ooohing .. and aaahing .. at all the displays depicting a bygone era ….

… I remember playing with white balls like those !!!!

.. and several years ago, watching John McEnroe cursing and swearing at umpires and lines people … and playing powerful tennis with all his other counterparts – this is an awesome display of the change room as it was in his day with a hologrammed McEnroe chatting as if he is standing right there … with you !

There is tennis gear from bygone days to modern … the golden threaded-emblemed gear of Roger Federer …

I wish I could tell my Mum that I was a few inches away from THE men’s single trophy …

… and THE women’s trophy …

… and I wish I could tell my Mum ….

… that I stood in the ‘Centre Court 360’ ….. a glass enclosed platform with a 360 degree view of the whole of the Centre Court ….

I will be seeing my Mum in 10 days time .. she is now in Frail Care and in ‘her own little world’ …

….I wish I could tell her……

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6 Responses to I wish … I could tell my Mum…

  1. Janet says:

    Oh Avril! It is so sad that you won't be able to share this with her. What a wonderful place to visit. I would still share it with her. Eve if she doesn't understand!

  2. Kathy says:

    Hopefully when you are here visiting Mum she will have a good day and you will be able to tell her. She does have her good days and is quite 'sharp'. Soooo looking forward to you coming to visit. Love the photos and so happy that you were able to go and see Winbledon.

  3. Marcelle says:

    Your title of this entry makes me feel so sad, and then I read it and felt your sadness. Reminds me to share with my mom while I'm able to, a good reminder for me..

  4. Firefly says:

    Like Marcelle i also felt a bit sad. There is so much that I would have loved to be able to share with my dad. I think he would have been very interested in my photography and all the things I take photos of. Sitting here *damn, there must be something in my eye*, I am actually very glad that there are people out there that I can share things with even if my dad isn't there for me to do so. I do hope your mom is having a good day when you visit, cause she will listen.

  5. Jeanette says:

    **hugs** Mom, I wish she would understand

  6. Deb says:

    she will feel it in her heart even though her mind won't understand…such a warm memory for you…

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