Weekly Winners : 25 – 31 October


… my new fridge magnet … all the way from Ireland … a smiley fat sheep …!!!

…. the smell of fresh mint in the garden …
…. the teeny tiny flowers-that-look-like-little-spiders of the parsley …

…. the smell of the rose geranium (which is used for pot pourri) …

…. the tiny pinky-white flowers of the ‘Francis Mason’ Abelia

…. the white with pink/purple veins of the Mackaya Bella (which are doing very well in my garden having been badly damaged from the treefelling)

… the fresh new crimson/purple leaves of the Prunus (flowering plum) which is also growing very nicely having been damaged from the treefelling …

…. the bright new blue buds of the agapanthus (this is the small variety) …

… love daisy bushes and decided to plant some this year … can you see the new young petals within the transparent bud ?…

don’t love the flies in summer ….

… and of course … love wine !!!!

Hubby and I went to an expo of wines at the Sandton Convention Centre which, I think, is held every year. First timers for us …. nice to go from table to table … representing many of our wine estates … sampling their wines. Some plonk .. some so-so .. some ‘easy drinking’ .. some rather yummy !! We didn’t want to ‘get drunk’ on plonk – we seemed to start there (!) so our little wine radars pointed us in the direction of the ‘good’ wineries. We were not disappointed !! Soooo … now I have more good wines to add to my shopping list !

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6 Responses to Weekly Winners : 25 – 31 October

  1. Kathy says:

    Lovely post Avril – love you pictures. Looking forward to your stay – we will be doing some wine farms!!!!

  2. Marcelle says:

    Love what you love…that magnet is so cute…and very different from the usual ones you get when travelling.Hope you had a great weekend.I wish the sun shone…Germany is looking ugly, all the leaves are falling off the trees leaving them all looking so sad.

  3. Jeanette says:

    My Makaya Belle is also doing well this year. Glad the wine expo was worthwhile

  4. Marcelle says:

    Avril…I too love the sun, it makes me feel alive hence am struggling to settle back into life here in Germany as so grey and dark at 4.30pm….horrible and its only going to get worse before it gets better.I have no idea how I'm going to get through this long winter, its about 6 months that the weather is bad and sky grey…I live on 5-HTP as it keeps depression away, and I do try get out at least 15 mins a day in the freezing cold as the Vit D from *sunlight* ( when there is ) help with depression as well…I really work hard at keep feelings of depression at bay…I try remind myself that its now forever…

  5. Firefly says:

    My wife also like fridge magnets and I try to bring her one when ever I go away somewhere. Our other collection is teaspoons. It seems as if it is less popular as in the past, but I still get in most places.

  6. Janet says:

    Right, this is the 3rd time I am trying to comment! I don't know why I am having so many problems today!I also like fridge magnets, but your sheep is particularly pretty! I missed Winex this year for the very first time. I had such a sore neck, that P went on his own. I do believe he bought me some though 🙂

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