Wordless Wednesday :

For more Wordless Wednesday photographs, like these bucket fulls of proteas … go HERE

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7 Responses to Wordless Wednesday :

  1. ruma2008 says:

    Hello. Will it be what a beautiful flower? Various colors are bright, and it is a splendid flower.

  2. Firefly says:

    I got to visit a protea farm a couple of times when I was still guiding and seeing a coldroom full of proteas like that is a absolutely amazing sight.

  3. Jeanette says:

    What a huge bucket!

  4. Janet says:

    Oh those are beautiful. I have to admit, not my favourite flower, but when its fresh like in the photograph, much more appealing!

  5. Bernie says:

    Well! Aren't YOU the lucky one to have gotten these flowers…Great Pic. Mine is up as well at AussiePomm… Have a great WW!

  6. Jientje says:

    They're beautiful!! So far, I think I've only seen dry ones, but this is really pretty!

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