Through my hubby’s eyes ..

… who attended the wedding of Mr T and P in Bogota over the weekend, once all the business ‘stuff’ was complete (which is why he went in the first place !)

… and who was amongst a few friends and family at the Andres Carne de Res restaurant which is well-known for it’s superb beef .. and Latino beat … and which seats around 1 000 people!!

…. where the decor is all made from recycled material …

… and if you’re special … especially extra special like the future Mr and Mrs T … then you are a King and Queen for the night … !!!

View of Bogota from the wedding venue …

.. where the civil ceremony was held …

.. and a happy groom with his Mum, who came, with Mr T’s brothers and sister, from Australia … I must say she looks very well having broken her arm days before …

Saying their vows … (and look at her stunning dress – sooo elegant!)

Mr T’s Mum saying her speech in Spanish!! It just goes to show you .. you are never too old to learn something new!!! She went for ‘secret’ lessons so that she could surprise them! Well done, Mr T’s Mum !!!! 🙂 Just before we move onto the next beautiful photo …. look at the wedding cake!!! Sunflowers and chocolate !!! Oooh yumm!!

A stunning bride sharing a moment with her new brother-in-law …

… a beautiful bride …

The first dance/salsa!! … and may they dance forever … together …

Then the party began ….

Goodies which hubby brought back included napkin rings which were on the tables (those grass rings with tiny hats, baskets, shoes etc attached – cute!) … a little bag given to guests on leaving …

… and out popped a kangaroo and Colombian keyring hat …

… and the wedding invitation with a tiny Colombian hat and boomerang … inside had these words …

We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!
Note to Mrs T … hope we meet one day …. soon !

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4 Responses to Through my hubby’s eyes ..

  1. Marcelle says:

    What a lovely wedding…looks like such fun.

  2. Firefly says:

    It looks like a super wedding full of fun and joy. The bride does look stunning. And that view over the city is awesome.

  3. Deb says:

    what a fun wedding…everyone looks like they are having a blast…I bet your hubby had a great time..

  4. Kathy says:

    What a fantastic wedding. Mr. and Mrs. T look great. Congratulations!! The bride looks stunning.The photos are great.

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