Earth Day …. Voting Day

Yesterday was our national and provincial voting day and Elaine and I decided to go later in the day .. late afternoon .. thinking it would be quicker. Jeanette and Lance also had the same thoughts … and we discovered so did hundreds of other people !!!! Elaine, Bryan and I with a group of their friends – two of whom were first time voters – stood in the freezing cold dark for two and half hours. Fantastic to see all the young voters keen to make a difference to their country.

Elaine and I had braai/bbq with Jeanette and Lance, who live down the road from our polling station. We were hoping to see the amount of people reduce as the afternoon wore on but it didn’t happen – in fact more and more people started arriving – so much for our plan! Every so often the Eyewitness News helicopter from 702 Radio Station hovered around ….

As it was also Earth Day, Jeanette and I, with Bradley went to Honeydew to take photos for the Earthmosiac project before we went to vote. My photos came out very dark and I have lightened them a bit.

I was doing it late last night and should have left it ’till this morning as, like an idiot, I have lightened the original photos as well as the copies I copied to lighten them. 😦 .. sooo I don’t think I should submit any.

This one as nothing to do with the Earth Day photos but I thought it quite appropriate for the day ….. power for the people..

We spoke to a chappie who lives on one of the plots and who said the sunsets are magnificent, as well as owls that fly around as the sun goes down … so we have to go back !!

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3 Responses to Earth Day …. Voting Day

  1. Jeanette says:

    I think you should submit the helicopter, and the one of Bradley walking on the road, and the one with just the veld grasses – under the purple flower photo.

  2. Firefly says:

    My Wife went early and was at the polling station at 06h45. She waited about 45 min to vote. When she got home I headed out and waited about an hour. I’m glad the line wasn’t longer and that I went early.

  3. Jientje says:

    I want to go back with you!! What a beautiful place!

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