My neighbour drives me nuts … !

Today … a public holiday .. it’s a voting day and this country needs a day off to vote as the queues are always so long and winding – snaking down roads and round corners … ! Elaine and I are going later .. much later .. as I am hoping that most people in our area would have voted by then .. hoping anyway .. and not having the same thoughts as me!

Today … is a bit chilly and cloudy. Yesterday was the same .. so I had plans to stay in bed this morning! Relax .. have a lie-in/sleep-in! Hubby is away on business and Elaine was out for the night, so it was lil’ ol’ me and the doggies and the plan was to sleep-in …. but ….

Today … my neighbour decided to start her banging at 6.30 this morning!! I get up every morning just after 5.00am .. always the first one up to open up the blinds, open the back door to let the doggies out, make tea, sandwiches/lunch boxes (for the ‘workers’!) so that they can leave the house between 6.15 and 6.30 to avoid the horrendous traffic problems!!!

Today … she starts banging at the garden wall nearest my bedroom window at 6.30!! This neighbour has driven me nuts ever since they moved in. He and his first wife used to party hard just about every weekend – and not just up to 1.00am/2am – it went on all the night – the whole night into the morning! Sometimes even the whole of the following day!! … and then sometimes it would be the whole weekend!! They seemed to take it in turns .. ‘who would lead/host the party next’!!

The first wife left him about 18 months ago and ….. it was quiet !!! For a while anyway .. and then the new girlfriend moved in. I have written about her previously when she started building platforms against our shared garden wall – platforms for no particular reason it seemed … just to get rid of rubble, I think, but they were used for standing on to watch us over the wall!!!! The ‘watching eyes’ have stopped thankfully – although their dog, a huge Alsatian with large ears often stands on them and peers over the wall teasing our little Jackie, who naturally barks her
head off!! I have planted some more shrubs up against that wall and they are growing nicely – will soon hide the large-dog-with-large-ears!!

The neighbours house used to a tiny one set right in the middle of their property. Over the years and after many owners, it’s been built onto on all sides – one of the sides being the bedroom section and their main bedroom and bathroom is now very close to our adjoining wall. Our bedroom is about 9 metres away from this wall.

She …. today …. at 6.30am … started banging up against the garden wall!!! Since she’s been there, she does all the gardening. Actually, she’s doing a good job and is always busy doing stuff – apparently her father runs a plant nursery so often there are loads of plants being delivered. Now her mission is obviously to build some kind of retaining wall .. and possibly another platform … against the wall closest to our bedrooms!!!! OMW …

Imagine the large-dog-with-large-ears peering over there now!!! .. and then we will also have her little daughter getting her little plastic stool on top of the platform .. peering over too …. as she did from the first platforms ……

Slow deep yoga breathing ……..

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3 Responses to My neighbour drives me nuts … !

  1. Firefly says:

    Bit… I mean just bite your tongue

  2. Deb says:

    I hate it when you think oh I can sleep in today…then the rest of the world does not agree..then every day you get up early and there are no distractions….life….sorry about your neighbor…we have a neighbor who lets his dogs out every night to run loose, needless to say all the other dogs in the neighborhood go crazy including my 4….

  3. Wanda says:

    Hope things quieten down soon for you…nothing worse than rude neighbors.

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