Bradley’s animals

I have loads of plastic animals .. amongst many other toys … for the boys to play with when they come every day. I have always had some here, in my home, and Jeanette (my daughter and their Mom) has had loads in their home. Over time, Bradley has brought more and more, from their home, to play with here. As a result, from only having one bag full (a Woolworths shopping bag does the trick here – those colourful material ones) … I now have 3 … full to the top … and I also have one with Transformer toys – just to keep things separate!

Dinosaurs, wild and domestic animals strewn on my floor Bradley playing with a few animals Bradley with two dinosaurs fighting each other

He knows all the dinosaurs by name too .. and what they eat, their length etc etc – our clever Bradley .. what is it about dinosaurs that fascinate little boys!

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  1. Jenty says:

    Hehe, love the second shot Mom!

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